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Tao' of MeoW

6 September 1960

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Hi I'm Kitten

I'm 49 and happy to be single. I enjoy friendship, but nothing more physical than hugs or cuddles.
I have been celibate for almost 8 years. I've been abused in my childhood and teen years, also there was lots of sleeping around in the 80s, I'm just over it. And luckily no STD's. It's just not my thing. I'm a born again virgin. The only time I mention sex is in my fan fiction, or my slash fan fiction. It's safe there because it is not "me" doing it.

I go by the name Kitten I don't use my birth name because it sounds ugly to me and I don't like it. OK, My birth name is Else pronounced Elsa. Don't ~EVER~ call me by that though please!

I had hydrocephalus/meningitis as an infant, but no longer have that now. But I may have these::

cowden's disease (http://medical.webends.com/kw/Hamartoma%20Syndrome,%20Multiple),

turners syndrome (http://medical.webends.com/kw/Noonan%20Syndrome)

Edwards syndrome (http://www.cafamily.org.uk/Direct/e18.html)

Ehlers-Danlos (http://medical.webends.com/kw/Ehlers-Danlos%20Syndrome)

Many heart issues including - Mistral Valve prolapse,Tactical and Arrhythmia, palpitations/mummer, and others.I have several physical health issues, face/head deformities. Slurred and odd very low deep sounding speech. Many skin cancers.I lost nearly my entire scalp to skin cancer and had a skin graft from my leg to replace the lost skin,so I have little or no hair. I never had much hair to begin with.
Other cancer too. One breast lump removal. All the women in my Mom's family including Mom herself have had breast removals or died from those cancers. Mom is still alive.As are two of her sisters, but I rarely speak with them so I don't know if or what cancers they have.

None of these conditions are related to mental retardation. In other words don't call me a "retard" I am mentally normal, intelligent and articulate,and independent.

But I tend to not do doctors visits much anymore, because well just because...
I’m sooooooo done with doctors now, and hey if I die well then I die so be it.
49 years of examining, experimenting and embarrasing questions and procedures,pain and anxiety I've had it! I just can't handle more tests, surgeries, enough is enough. I may live for quite a long time still, or I may die at any time. But that is my decision and mine alone.
I have had it suggested to me that I change my eating habits and start an excercise program but what point is there in that? Living longer with all those restrictions is not worth living longer for. I'd rather enjoy my life as it is and pass on in my own terms, than to suffer and be miserable having the things I like taken from me.And being forced to eat or do things I hate.I need to do what is right for me not what other people want for me.

I think I'll call myself a free thinker.
I'm not really Christian. But, I do not worship or believe in Satan either.
I prefer to say I have not just one religion, but parts of many! If you are a Christian, or whatever religion go for it. What ever makes you happy is fine, as long as it is not shoved in my face. I will show the same respect.

In conclusion: I am me, and I'm not perfect I am just myself.

I don't do. I just am!